About me

My name is Noemi Marosvolgyi and I have been a poledancer since 2015. The first occasion I met this wonderful sport was in a TV show. I was desperate to try it immediately and fell in love with it right after my first training
As a child, I was a representative gymnast of Postás Sport Club. I am a multiple Hungarian champion and represented my country in several foreign competitions.
Because of some injuries, I needed to give up gymnastics and continued my carrier as an artist.
In 2011 I became a horse jockey at the Hungarian National Circus. After our Hungarian tour, I had a great show at Ahoy circus in the Netherlands.
In 2012 I fascinated the audience with my power lift performances in galas, casinos and discos in different countries.
Having returned to Hungary I started poledancing, which is still my passion and profession.

After less than half a year, I won my first Hungarian Championship in „Elite” category, and then I took part in a number of competitions.
My main motivation is to continuously improve myself and share my knowledge and experience with my students, let them be beginners or advanced.
I am very proud to say that in 2018 I started my own pole dance clothes brand, named:

MN Wear

The pieces of my continuously renewing collection are available inmy webshop. If you want high quality, unique, beautiful pole wear, do not hesitate to check it out now!



- Pole Artistic Hungary I.st place

- Pole Fitness Beauty Queen I.st place

- IPSF Hungarian Champion

- WPSC Finalist


- EAPAU European Championship Solo I.st place Doubles II.nd place

- WAAPA World Championship I.st place solo&doubles category

- European Pole Sport Globe I.st place + The Best Tricks award
- IPSF Hungarian Champion

- Miss&Mister World Pole Dance Globe I.st place


- Pole Art Hungary (IPSF) I.st place

- Pole Stars II.nd place

- POSA European Championship IV. place

- POSA World Championship V. place

- WPSC Finalist

- IPSF Hungarian Champion

- Pole Theatre Hungary IV. place "Art” category


- Pole Art Experience III.rd place

- Pole Artistic Hungary I.st place "Art category" + The Most spectacular award& III. place "Classy Glamour category"

- WPSC Finalist

- IPSF Hungarian Champion

- Pole Theatre Paris finalist "Drama category”


- IPSF Hungarian Championship 1st place "Sport" Category 2nd place "Art" category


- 2015. Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship 2nd place & Junior Championship III. place

- 2017-2018. Ninja Warrior Hungary semifinalst

- 2018. HDR Base&Wild

- IPSF Hungarian Champion

- 2018. Spartan Race trifecta


I provide workshop-hall techniques and advice to students and trainers to achieve their goals from a beginner to advanced level, in a safe and efficient way.
You can learn leadership, preparatory exercises, combinations and different elements on the pole and on the ground.
For more information, please write email: polesport@marosvolgyinoemi.hu

Static spin and tricks

You can acquire static spin with elements connected to this lesson.
You can learn vibrant rotations with different crossings. The lesson can be adjusted for each level.

Dynamic combination

We do the exercises on a static pole, here is the focus on vibrant elements and dynamic tricks.
The lesson can be adjusted for each level.

Spinning Pole Combinations

The exercises are carried out on the pole, where we learn spins and elements smoothly.
The lesson can be adjusted for each level.

Acrobatics on the pole

I teach pole sneakers, acrobatic down and up jumps, grips, bindings at this class.
The lesson can be accessed from an advanced level.

Acrobatics on the floor

Handstand and variations, strength and balance elements, learning acrobatics on the floor.
The lesson can be adjusted for each level.

Floor Combinations

You can learn ground connections at this time, doing things with the pole on the floor.
The lesson can be adjusted for each level.


At the same time, I use Dynamic and Static Stretch for a more effective result.
At this lesson you will not only provide but you will also gain strength. Mixed type lesson.


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